1. Bathing Ritual

    The bathing ritual begins
    with small head butts,
    showing of fuzzy, striped belly,
    false submission.
    Purring, rumbling happiness soon follows,
    as you lap your rosy tongue
    across his black-gray forehead.
    Back and forth, back and forth, side to side.
    No spot is left dry or unlaved by you.
    He visibly relaxes.
    All muscles limp, 
    until he forms a puddle at your feet.
    You tower over him,
    must bend your long neck down,
    90 degrees of tilt,
    to reach all the furry filth you are compelled to clean.
    You lavish attention on one particular spot,
    his folded down ear,
    attempting to gain access to his protected, inner sanctum.
    He quickly tilts his large head to pull away,
    and you growl your unhappiness.
    He stills,
    appears a tabby statue afraid to anger you.
    You continue your wet tongue assault
    unhindered this time.
    He freely allows this of you.
    He purposely chooses not use his hefty weight difference,
    his blatantly obvious strength,
    to make you easily comply to his strong will.
    He too simply succumbs to your bravado dominance,
    allows you this tiny time
    to mark your imagined territory on him.
    He will viciously attack you,
    when you no longer serve your convenient purpose.
    Once your welcomed duty is obsessively complete,
    the scales will tip in his youthful favor once again.
    But for now,
    the ritual is more important.
    Your low, social standing still firmly in place.
    All apparent control is advantageously allowed,
    just as quickly taken away,
    by a quick jab, jab, jab,
    swipe of big paw to black and white face.
    Your job is done.
    You jerk your head once,
    silently slink away.
    Until the next time
    when his body language calls to your maternal nature
    and the bathing ritual begins again.


    Copyright © 2014 Poetic Pussy Cats
    - All Rights Reserved


  2. Black and White

    Silly, sweet girl,
    always there.
    To you things are always black and white.
    From your silky coat pattern,
    to your gregarious, warbling meow
    demanding your firsts.
    First meal, first pets, first place in my warm lap.
    Black and white is all you know.
    In bright, morning sunlight
    your face disappears.
    Like a ghost,
    you are fading too.
    So slender, so frail, so old.
    Ribs and hip bones poke out
    thru your soft, tuxedo fur.
    For seventeen short years,
    you have obsessively dictated your truth over me.
    "See me" you seem to say,
    "Now is all" you whisper,
    every morning, afternoon, night,
    as you pace and purr across the small bed and my big heart.
    Your spritely presence still vibrant,
    as you run fast, jump spastically, play childishly, and love tenderly,
    even thru the illness that is literally eating you,
    self cannibalism at its cruelest.
    Your persistent hunger for my love is almost overshadowed by your constant hunger for food,
    but not quite.
    Head butts and tummy rubs are still your nourishment of choice.
    I helped your stray mother bring you into my small world
    and I will forlornly watch you move on to the larger next.
    But before that unwelcome relocation occurs,
    I will enjoy your definitiveness,
    your unrelenting knowledge that there are only two colors in this world.
    Black and white.

    Copyright © 2014 Poetic Pussy Cats
    - All Rights Reserved


  3. There Once Was A Feral Cat Colony…

    From October 2002 to April 2006, my husband and I helped to shelter and feed a feral cat colony in our backyard.  One other neighbor also helped with the feeding.  We attempted to create a TNR colony, but no one in our neighborhood was willing to help us foot the bill for the spay/neuters needed and we could not afford to do it ourselves.  None of the cats were there by our hand or neglect.  At its height, there were over 20 family members in the colony.  

    At some point in late 2005, a man who lived down the street from us and worked for animal control deviously talked our one well meaning but ignorant neighbor into allowing him to place baited traps in her yard rather than her feeding them.  He promised her that he was finding homes for the cats he trapped.  We all know that was a lie.  ALL of the cats he trapped were feral adults, not capable of being rehomed.  They were no doubt all euthanized.  

    By the time we figured out where all the cats were disappearing to, it was too late to save the colony.  We were able to save four of that spring’s kittens and they live with us to this day.  Piggy, Gus, Meeko, and Oats are the last surviving members of the once thriving colony.

    I am posting photos of the colony today to show you where my babies came from and to put a face to feral cat colonies for those of you who may be unaware of their existence or of the fact that, if neighborhoods work together, the animals can live a healthy, long life without the need for killing any cats.  This colony, had it become the TNR colony we dreamed of, would have already, statistically speaking, died off of natural causes, because outdoor feral cats tend to live only 4-5 years. The amount of time and money this one man spent trapping and killing all of these cats could have been used to form the TNR colony with no deaths needed, but he did not have the foresight to see another way to control the issue other than extermination.  

    I apologize for the photo quality, but these are very old photos taken with the first digital camera I ever owned from 2002!  I hope that you are able to enjoy them and that they also make you stop, think, and, perhaps, even research the TNR movement.  

    A new litter feeding.  TNR would have prevented this litter from existing.

    We have reason to believe that the cat in the photo above is Oat’s daddy.

    The last two kittens we were unable to save.

    A dark towel in the winter sun was a magnet to them!

    The baby who is sitting in the doorway of the red bed box is the mother of our four babies.  

    Another shot of our babies’ mother.  She is the one NOT eating that is facing the camera.  Piggy is her twin, isn’t she?

    Feeding time for the colony was always intense.  Aren’t they just gorgeous cats?  You can definitely see the familial resemblance in our babies.  These kitties would be their siblings from previous litters and their mother.

    If you would like more information on how you can help the feral cat situation and TNR movement, please check out one or both of the following links:

    Managing a Feral Cat Colony: Basic steps


    Trap-neuter-release (TNR)


    ***Please note that I am not, in any way/shape/form, promoting the allowance of irresponsible feral cat breeding.  I was not in the financial position to do anything for this particular colony other than what I did.  I did reach out for help from my local shelters but, at that time, they were unable to do anything for me financially.  Had the means been present and had people in the community stepped up and helped us all take responsibility for this colony, the TNR would have happened.  I am posting this as a personal experience and in the hopes that it will encourage others to help control the pet overpopulation issue in any humane way that they can afford.***


    Copyright © 2014 Poetic Pussy Cats
    - All Rights Reserved


  4. Living Outside In Black & White

    ***Please note:  While I hope that you enjoy these images and appreciate them for their artistic merit, I want you to know that these are NOT my cats.  These are cats of the streets and businesses near my home and my neighborhood.  I do NOT condone and am NOT encouraging allowing cats outside, unless they are part of a TNR feral cat colony being cared for and managed by generous volunteers.  For the safety of themselves and the wildlife in general, cats should be indoors at ALL times, unless closely supervised by their owners in a safe location or on a leash.***

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    - All Rights Reserved


  5. Time for a Vacation!

    Hey, everyone! I hope you all are having a fantabulous summer and even greater week!  I wanted to let you guys know that I will be on vacation from August 2nd thru August 11th and will not be posting anything on here during that time. I will resume my blog posts the week of August 12th.  Have a great week and don’t miss me too much! LOL!



  6. Gustagram feat. Gus

    All photos taken with my iPad Air camera and filtered using Instagram and/or Aviary.

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  7. A Black and White Tuxedo feat. Marilyn

    All photos taken with my iPad Air camera and filtered using Instagram and/or Aviary.

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  8. Kitchen Table Flop feat. Oats

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  9. I thought this week it would be fun to share some of my favorite, candid Instagram shots!  These pics are not fancy, are often filtered, and range from what I would like to call artistic to downright silly.  I love my Instagram account and I use it solely as a way to share random moments throughout my daily routine.  I use my iPad Air 5MP camera and the editing software that came with it, Instagram and its editing software, and a photo editing app called “Aviary.”  I have fun and go a little nuts at times, but I love it.  I hope you enjoy this break from my normally unfiltered/unedited photo posts.  


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  10. Flannel

    Soft, warm, worn flannel
    rubs gently against our cheeks,
    as we lay face to face, eye to eye.
    Round pupils staring into elliptical pupils,
    blue-green hazel studying sea-foam green,
    an interspecies connection.
    I kiss your salmon and black nose,
    pressing my pursed lips delicately against you.
    Nudging your fuzzy head upward,
    you purr loudly in affectionate response.
    How can I love you so completely?
    Fluffy, calm, trusting,
    your acceptance and want for me always shocks,
    always pleases my inner narcissist.
    These simple moments in our bed
    guarantee my passionate devotion. 

    Copyright © 2014 Poetic Pussy Cats - All Rights Reserved